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The Tourist - 
Series 2

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Boat Story

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A screenshot of Jamie Dornan as his character 'The Man' in BBC Drama, 'The Tourist'. Jamie is pictured in a close up shot, sitting in the drivers seat of a small car driving through the Australian outback. He is looking in the rear view mirror, we can see there is a large truck behind him in the distance.

The Tourist - Series 1

Daisy Haggard stands at on a windy pier on the coast of England. The sky behind her is a sunset gradient of blue, pink and purple, behind her is a lighthouse. This is a still from BBC Comedy drama, Back to Life Series 2 where Daisy acted as character 'Miri Matterson'

Back to Life - Series 2

A still from TV pilot Dinosaur for BBC. Ashley Storrie as the character Nina, lays on her front under a bed.

Dinosaur -

Angela Black first look.jpg

Angela Black


Baptiste - Series 2

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