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A filmic offshoot of Tim Key’s stage show Megadate, this is a tale of a boy dazzling a girl with the perfect first date and then having his dreams hosed down by reality as he retraces his steps. His quest is to find a missing hat, but the bigger problem is her radio silence. His path is riddled with cynics and naysayers, questioning his optimistic outlook on how the date went. As always in life, all paths lead to the fairground. Now in the daytime and bleaker than ever. But our man will never give up. He will not be beaten. And the day’s not done.

Starring: Tim Key, Julie Dray, Sam Fletcher, Bill Paterson, Mandeep Dhillon.

Written by

Tim Key

Directed by

Jonathan van Tulleken

Produced by

Lydia Hampson

Executive Produced by

Jack Williams

Harry Williams

Broadcast by

BBC iPlayer

Distributed by

All3Media International

Tim Key in comedy Wonderdate
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