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/ Fleabag Series 2

6 x 30min

FLEABAG Series 2 picks up one year after the end of the first series, released in 2016. While Fleabag appears to be more at ease with herself and her newly bustling café, her family seems to be whirling into further turmoil around her. Having not spoken to her sister since we last left her, Fleabag reconnects with Claire at their father’s engagement party, which turns out to be far from a celebration. There, she meets a Catholic priest who turns her life upside down… Series 2 is an exploration into everything that makes us human: love, religion, hope and heartbreak.

Starring: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott, Sian Clifford, Bill Patterson & Brett Gelman.

Series two raised the bar so utterly that, at times, Waller-Bridge's risks and progression were so impressive all one could do was shake one’s head in appreciation. (And, in the case of episode three, watch it again immediately afterwards.)

Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian

Secene from inside a church onset of Fleabag Series 2

Written by

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Directed by

Harry Bradbeer

Produced by

Sarah Hammond

Executive Produced by

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Harry Bradbeer

Lydia Hampson

Harry Williams

Jack Williams

Joe Lewis

Broadcast by

BBC Three & Amazon Prime Video

Distributed by

All3Media International

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