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/ Rellik

6 x 60min

Enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic, Gabriel Markham, our damaged and disfigured Met detective, is joined by his bright and intense partner Elaine in their hunt for a serial killer. Yet, RELLIK is a structural conceit which turns this narrative on its head: this is a hunt told in reverse. This obsessive chase provides the backbone of the story, but Gabriel takes its centre, determined to find the killer who left a mark on him, both physically and mentally.


Starring: Richard Dormer, Jodi Balfour, Rosalind Eleazar, Paterson Joseph, Paul Rhys, Michael Shaeffer, Lærke Winther.

Promotional image for TV Drama Rellik

Written by

Harry & Jack Williams, and Marston Bloom

Directed by

Sam Miller & Hans Herbot

Produced by

Chris Clough

Executive Produced by

Willow Grylls

Charlie Pattinson

Elaine Pyke

Harry & Jack Williams Christopher Aird

Co-produced with

New Pictures

Broadcast by

The BBC and Cinemax

Distributed by

All3Media International

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