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First Look: Angela Black

Updated: May 19, 2021

Written by Jack Williams and Harry Williams, Angela Black is a six-part psychological drama for ITV, led by Downtown Abbey's Joanne Froggatt.

Synopsis: Angela Black’s life appears idyllic: a lovely house in suburban London, days working as a volunteer at the dogs’ home, two wonderful sons and a charismatic, hard-working husband, Olivier. However, beneath this façade of charmed domesticity, Angela is also the victim of domestic abuse. Trapped in a relationship she cannot escape, Angela is approached out of the blue by a private investigator who spills Olivier’s darkest secrets. With one encounter, Angela’s life switches from school runs and the dogs’ home to private detectives and buried secrets as she risks everything she holds dear to fight back against the man who has suppressed and tormented her for most of her life.

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