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The Tourist Casting Announcement

Updated: May 19, 2021

Written by Harry and Jack Williams, #TheTourist will begin filming in the Australian outback over the next few months.

The Tourist is a 6x60 minute mystery packed thriller, it is character-driven and full of shocking, surprising, funny and brutal turns. The series is set in a world that is populated by quirky and enigmatic characters.

The cast features Jamie Dornan (The Fall) as the lead, he adds: "The Tourist are some of the most exciting scripts I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to go to Australia with such a talented group of people."

Accompanying Jamie, is Australian actress, Danielle Macdonald (Dumplin') who will play the character of 'Constable Helen Chambers'. Alongside her, Shalom Brune-Franklin (Line of Duty, Our Girl) will star as 'Luci', a waitress who gets tangled in the mystery of Jamie's search for answers. With them, Lord of the Rings star Hugo Weaving will bring the character of Agent Lachlan Rogers to life in this off-beat black comedy.

With high-stakes action and a multitude of gripping twists and turns, this series will take us from the dusty outback of Australia to the frantic noise and lights of Singapore, all the way to the calm, white-sand beaches of Bali.

Harry and Jack Williams added: "We’re hugely excited about this show. It’s tonally breaking new ground for us, and having Jamie Dornan on board is the icing on the Australian cake."

This will be coming to #BBCOne, #STAN & #HBOMAX soon. Follow us on Twitter for updates - @twobrospictures

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