Best friends Scott and Dan are a dumb-and-dumber double act who crash through life on a wave of unjustified confidence, united by a dream – to run their own VIP nightclub. That dream is now a reality and ‘Bamboo’ is ready to launch, giving the boys the chance to share their awesomeness with the world…

Created, written and produced by Harry and Jack Williams, Bamboo is a co-production with Rough Cut for BBC3. The pilot aired as part of the channel’s Feed My Funny, part of Comedy Feeds, a season of pilots showcasing the best in emerging British comedy talent. The original pilot starred Tom Palmer as Dan and Tom Stourton as Scott.

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Full English

Set in the heart of British suburbia, on the surface Full English is about a quintessentially English family but at its heart it’s a satirical look at our popular culture, our celebrities, our monarchy, our economy, our lives today. It’s unashamedly rude and silly in the tradition of great British comedy, but it also tells hilarious stories around our identifiably dysfunctional family.

Meet the Johnsons – the Dad Edgar (voiced by Richard Ayoade) his long suffering wife Wendy (voiced by Rosie Caveliero) and their three kids, the unhinged Dusty, middle child Jason (both voiced by Kayvan Novak) and the moody Goth teen Eve (voiced by Daisy Haggard). Also in the mix is the evil and horny Ken (voiced by Oliver Maltman) Edgar’s father in law and boss, a multi millionaire confectionery mogul who despises Edgar. Ken’s only friend is Squidge, a large green imaginary figment of his imagination who makes him do really bad things.

Created, produced and written by Harry & Jack Williams, the show was made using hand-drawn animation, with all the characters and sets created by the artist Alex Scarfe (also co-producer and co-creator of the series) – each frame was individually drawn before being scanned into a computer, giving it a realistic depth. This work is done by Rough Draft Studios (the company behind Futurama and The Simpsons Movie). Each episode running at half an hour, Full English was a 6 part series for Channel 4 that aired in Autumn 2012.

Buy Series one on DVD here:–uoXTMrY

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